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Thursday, May 26, 2011

This message will self de$!ruct in....

Covert Operation 10 will commence in 15 days, all secret agents should report for duty, promptly at 16:30 to the Special Agent in Charge.
Okay, in reality Kole's birthday is coming up and this year he wanted to do a secret agent/spy/Harry Potter/Pokemon/Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party.  I think I may have managed to get him to narrow down his choices, well at least I hope I have managed it, otherwise I may have to just tell him to deal with having a single themed party!
Since we all know I am a torturous mother I made Kole help make his invitations this year.  He was in charge of the envelopes and the secret note that had each kids code name on it!!

Kole used my scrapbooking stamps to make the envelopes look "official" 

 The outside of the card is supposed to look like an envelope, the flap actually opens but we wanted to make sure the kids saw their code names so we stuck the black piece of paper half way into the envelope.  

This is the inside of the invitation.  And here's the fun part, I scrambled a word by highlighting specific letters red, and if the kids realize they are supposed to unscramble it, AND if they figure out what the word is, they will get a special little treat!!  

I would tell you what the secret word is.....but then I'd have to kill you! 


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Breaking the Tooth Fairy

It was Saturday evening, the boys went off to bed while I watched a chick-flick.  Jason was gone (hence why I was able to watch a chick-flick), and all SEEMED normal.  In fact the entire day seemed normal.  Kyle and Kaleb had an awesome flag football game, we cleaned the house, we even got to treat ourselves to Mango Tango for getting all our chores done so fast!  What SHOULD have been an indicator for me was Kaleb laughing and joking about a loose tooth.
In our household everyone knows not to show their loose teeth to me because it makes me want to gag.  (Blood gushing from a split open head and I am fine, but a loose tooth totally gets me!) So the boys were joking about his tooth, so much so that Kaleb finally had everyone stop and he got quiet about his tooth and I forgot all about it.
That was until later that evening.  This is literally a play-by-play of the night.

9:01pm Kaleb walks out holding a bloodied tooth in his hand smiling from ear to ear.
"Mom, I lost a tooth!"
I act all excited and tell him what a good job he did and do my best not to look at it or the big hole in his mouth.  I tell him to put it in the Tooth Fairy box and go to bed!

9:05pm Kaleb comes back out, another bloodied tooth and an even BIGGER smile.
"Mom, I lost another tooth!"
I actually thought he was kidding until he showed me both teeth.  I didn't know he had 2 teeth that were loose so this was a very big surprise.  I told him how cool it was to loose 2 teeth in one night and we all had a good laugh remembering when Kyle and Kaleb lost a tooth on the same night and how this was kind of similar.   Then, again, I told him to put them in the box and go to bed!

9:07pm  Kaleb comes BACK out (by now I am getting freaked out about how much this is going to cost me and the fact that I can't watch a chick-flick in peace and Jason isn't even here!)
"Mom I lost ANOTHER tooth!"
I actually asked him what on earth he was doing in his room to his poor teeth!  He was laughing and joking and all excited about what the Tooth Fairy was going to bring him!!

By this point the scrapbooker/blogger in me couldn't take it anymore and went to get the camera!

 Kaleb's holy smile!

Kaleb showing off his 3 missing teeth.  (Note the look on Kyle's face!  Someone was a LITTLE jealous of Kaleb's loot!)

Kaleb's 3 teeth!

SO thanks to Kaleb Moxley the Tooth Fairy is officially BROKE!!