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Friday, June 24, 2011

8 reasons to love you both

How could 8 years have possibly gone by?  It's crazy to think back on those first years: feeding two at a time, changing twice as many diapers, and countless, sleepless nights - and yet I can't imagine my life without either one of you.  You are my night and my day; my sunshine and my rain - without both of you our family wouldn't be complete.

There are so many reasons to love you guys - here are eight:

#1) You are sweet, gentle gifts from God - from the first time I saw you both I knew that my life would be blessed (crazy but blessed)

#2) The joy and happiness you show reminds everyone around you that life is worth celebrating!

#3) You show us what life is all about - it's not always about being in the fast lane, sometimes it's nice to take a leisurely stroll on a carousel.  

#4) Whenever I have a bad day I know the second I see your beautiful smiles my worries will be washed away.  You are always there to make me laugh and best of all - to smile!

#5) You are always there to remind me that we don't HAVE to get everything done - right now - sometimes we can just take a little rest - and have a "do-over".  (even mom's need "do-overs")

#6) You show me what it's like to give your all, to play hard, and to dream - something I had forgotten how to do until you guys came along.  

#7) You have shown me that it is possible to make anything fun - whether it involves being drug around Grandpa's yard by a dog or having a dance party while doing dishes - fun is everywhere if you just look.

#8) You remind me that it's okay to get your hands dirty - that camping doesn't have to be in a camper (although it's nicer!) and that it's important to learn how to fish and crab and hunt (provided I just get to take pictures!)

This could be the longest blog ever, if I were to list all the reasons why your dad and I love you two.  Mostly I want you two to know how important you are to us and how proud we are of your first eight years.

Happy Birthday Kyle and Kaleb

Love, Mom

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The "Awesomest" dad in the world!

As my luck would have it, my birthday falls on Father's Day this year.  In a very joking tone (which is joking, yet kinda serious) Jason said that I have had 34 birthday's and he's only had 10 Father's Days - so... he thinks we should skip my birthday.  
Well I couldn't agree more (besides then I stay 34, right?)  But really there are a lot of reasons why I think Father's Day out ranks my birthday.  For starters Jason is the most amazing father, everything he does, he does it for me and the boys.  I often times have to stop and think AND APPRECIATE all that he does.  A good dad is more than a financial provider - they are the ones that teach you how to fish, how to build things, how to tear them down, how to have fun, how to be daring, and even how to love!  I know that our boys have a major advantage over many boys their age, and it's all because of their dad!
I suppose it wouldn't be an awesome blog without words from the boys!  So I asked them a couple of quick questions about their dad and here is their answers!

Why do you love dad so much?
Kaleb: Because he hunts and fishes with us, and he bought us a trampoline and pool!
Kole: Because he's funny and nice.

What's the first word you think of when you think of dad?
Kyle: Lovable

What's your favorite memory with dad?
Kyle: Dirt biking!
Kole: Going to the Arizona Cardinal Game

I don't know many dads who take their kids hunting/ fishing/ dirt biking/ camping, coach their football/ soccer teams.....the list goes on and on - so THANK YOU JASON - for being such an "AWESOMER" dad!

Love, Kole, Kyle, Kaleb and Boots!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

10 fingers, 10 toes, 10 years.....

I waited as long as I could to write this post, mostly for fear of breaking down, and yet I have to do it before the kids get home and see me crying and ask something like, "Mom, what happened? Did you stub your toe?"  No, no, nothing like that; just complete and utter sadness that my oldest is growing up.  Birthday's are like scrapbooks, they remind me of time lost with the cute, chubby little guys that used to drive me crazy.  And yet this year I find myself soaring through a vortex of pride and sadness.
I could not be more proud of Kole (and all my boys) as the years pass.  He is finding his way through life, in a world that isn't always fair, isn't always good, and is often times down right scary - and yet he is teaching me, everyday, every week, every year that life is amazing.  He is teaching me to believe in myself, to love with no regret, and to thank God for every day he has given me.
So thank you Kole, for being such an amazing son :)

Happy Birthday
Love, Mom

My little Kole :) 
Happy Birthday Big Guy!