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Saturday, June 9, 2012

The bluest eyes, the biggest heart

I used to hate reading stories that started, "It seemed like just yesterday when..." I hated reading them because I thought it was stupid, how could something that happened ten, twenty, fifty years ago seem as if they happened yesterday.

Then I had kids.

I get it.  Most things seem as if they happened yesterday because every day and everything that happened on those days, have melted into a glop of memories in my head.  But more so, things seem as if they happened yesterday because I WISH they did.  I WISH I could go back.

I wish I could go back to the time when this little guy was "Toleman" and he wanted me to video tape his every move.  ("Turn around me, mom.  Turn around me.") I wish I could snuggle with him every night and fall asleep to Disney movies.  I wish I could color, read, sing, play, skip, and dance with him, just one more time.  

But I can't.

I know that.  I still have my wishes, but, like him, they have changed.  I hope he grows up to live his dreams.  I hope he finds the good in everyone he meets.  I hope he meets a girl who's as sweet and kind as he is.  And someday, I hope he snuggles with his kids and falls asleep to The Lion King.   

Happy Birthday Bub.



  1. I am totally teary eyed as I read this. It is crazy to think that Anderson is going to grow up so fast right before my eyes and I can't help but think that I am not living in the moment as much as a should or want to. I love sweet kole and hope that Anderson is as sweet and loving and kind as he is:)

    1. Love every minute of it because they do grow up fast - but Paige I think you are doing an awesome job! Anderson is adorable and happy! Perfect!

  2. Oh, sweet Kole. One of the nicest, most sincere boys his age I've ever met. I loved this post:)