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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I know my kids get sick of me; it's natural to get annoyed with someone who continually tells you want to do, what to wear, and when to work on that ultra pain-in-the-butt thing called homework.  I must admit there are times I think my kids take us for granted and yet I am sure someday they will see all that my husband and I do for them - but for now I think their love is enough.  

With that said, I think that kids today often fail to be grateful for people outside their immediate family.  And I am not talking about teacher's (teacher appreciation week is next month, and yes my kids will be doing something for them!) What about neighbors that put up with the constant yelling and trampling of their yards?  What about people at church who help guide and support?  What about tutors and coaches?  
What bothers me the most is that my kids (as well as myself) often forget to say thank you to those that mean the most to us.  

And so, I am torturing my children, once again, with an appreciation project.  I made these little wall hangings with either the word appreciation, grateful, or thankfulness.  On the front was how to enunciate the word, while on the back I posed the question, "how do I say thank you?" and the boys wrote a thank you note to the person(s) of their choosing.  
It was sweet to read their notes - heck if I do it enough maybe by the time they are my age they will have learned not to take people for granted!!!


  1. Great idea. children today do not realize what others do for them. Let us know how this works out for you.

  2. For now, the people receiving them are grateful and happy, but it may take awhile to sink in with the boys :)

  3. Very creative! What a great lesson and project!