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Friday, March 9, 2012

Mom, I think I broke my arm!

I can't tell you how many times I have heard this sentence.  It is usually followed up with a sarcastic, "Oh, really well can you do this?" and I wiggle my arm around like an octopus on a sugar rush.  The usual answer is, "well yah - see!"  And then the drama is over.

Not yesterday.

I heard Kyle coming in from outside mumbling over and over, "Oh, I think I broke my arm.  Oh, I think I broke my arm."  Now, most of you know Kyle - he ISN'T quiet at all - ever.  So when he is quietly mumbling to himself there is something wrong.  I helped him inside and tried the octopus trick and he gave it a valiant shot but I could even see that something was wrong.

After calling in a second opinion (Jason, who happened to be close by) and a third opinion (Kyle's second mother - Caitlin, our next door neighbor) we hoped in the car and went off to the ER.  Being that this is our family's 7th visit you'd think we'd have priority status and our own suite - but we don't - you'd even think I would have brought something home to document this occasion  - well of course I did!

This is Kyle getting ready to have his arm "set" back into place and get a temporary cast put on.  

Kyle was VERY surprised at how heavy the cast was!

This is Kyle's "Toaster Strudel" hand.  They put some medicine on his hand to numb it and Kyle thought it was funny because it looks like the frosting packet of a toaster strudel (can you tell what my kids have for breakfast sometimes?)  

And this is sweet Kyle before we even had an x-ray done.  He was such a sport and went 2 1/2 hrs without any pain medicine until they figured out what they were going to do.  He was such a trooper!

And of course a blog wouldn't be complete without a little video....of Kyle after getting his arm set and casted.  The medicine hadn't worn off and my already loopy son was even more loopy than normal.  The video cuts off at the end when he warns EVERYONE NOT TO BREAK THEIR ARMS!!  Genius!  

Oh and the ice pack on the head was dad just preparing him for the "needle" comment!  

So for all those that called us, thank you - he is doing well and will get his "real" cast on Tuesday!!  And for those curious about the story (how he did it) this is it, as recited to me by Kyle:

"So I was up on a sorta steep driveway and then I hit a rock and my skateboard stopped and I went flying, my entire body curled up and I fell on my arm and it twisted.  I felt this big snap."

The End.  

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  1. I'm sorry, but even in these kinds of situations your family is entertaining. Glad he's doing okay,and I'm sorry you don't have your own suite yet. Maybe a nice bench outside will be yours soon. Suite comes after portrait on the wall which comes after bench along the walkway which comes after brick IN the walkway. You'd better start looking for the brick. I'm sure it's there somewhere.